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Ok so you’re aged under 25, the bank of Mummy & Daddy appears to be hit by the recession and doesn’t want to be giving money away quite so easily. You need cash! Now it’s no easy feat getting hold of crisp £50 notes so you’re probably going to need a job.

Let’s face it, the average teenager doesn’t really like going into every shop on the high street asking for jobs for teens, asking all your neighbours if they need babysitting and to be honest if you’re at uni you probably can’t even think of any jobs for you!

There are hundreds of businesses who are looking for a bit of cheap work (cheap as in compared to you’re average payed adult.) We’re here to join you together!

Or maybe you’re school is demanding that you do some work experience or an internship and you don’t have the time to ring up every single company and you don’t really fancy making cups of tea, or maybe you do if you want to work in costa.

Here’s how simple the site is:

You search, find a job & apply!

If you’re picky and searching’s not quite enough then have a look at all the options.

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