Don’t give up

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If you can’t find a job on our site then you can be assured that it was a lot easier than walking into every shop on the high street. But you haven’t succeeded yet. What next?

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Secondly from our experience there are no more jobsites which have many jobs for under 25’s so I’m afraid you’re going to have to walk in and out in search of a job. This may be tiresome but ultimately you’ll get the reward. The big mistake not to make is when after you’ve been rejected by 20 shops you go in downhearted and leave a bad impression. Go with a friend!

There are many companies looking to employ 16 year olds and upwards because they can get away with relatively low wages. Your best bet is to try the smaller shops as they have more flexibility with who to employ, often working for them is a nicer environment (so long as you’re not on your own)

Good luck

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