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Every Parent wants to teach their kids a little about money management and get them into the entrepreneurial spirit. But most of all I think every kid wants to earn some cash to help them get a bit more pocket money.

There are of course a number of hurdles which need to be navigated in order to let children have jobs. The main factor is how old they are, if you are looking for a job for a 14 year old it will be a lot harder than finding work for a 17 year old.

Youth Jobs are available however, all over the place in fact. The majority of them are very casual for example doing some gardening or cleaning cars etc. I highly recommend trying to teach them to earn their own money which isn’t dictated by an employer. That’s what I did and now I run this site!


The Law

There are obviously different laws for different countries and states regarding wages and age.


for the UK the rules are below

  • No one under 13 can work
  • At 13 children can do light work, for example shop work or a paper round
  • At 14 children can be employed in a larger range of jobs, but there are restrictions. They can not work in factories or on a building site, for example
  • When a child has reached 16 and has left school, they are called young workers, with more rights than other children but not the same as someone 18 or over, who has the same work rights as an adult
  • A child may not work more than 12 hours a week during term/school time
  • Child employment laws are clearly laid out on the government’s website:Click here

Teenagers aged 16 or 17 who are no longer in school, aka ” Young Workers”, are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week and 8 hours per day. They must have two days a week off . They are also not allowed to work between 10pm0 and 06am with some exceptions.

Holiday work

The basic rules on legal working hours for 13 and 14 year olds’ jobs during the holidays are:

  • They can work for up to five hours on a week day or a Saturday
  • They can only work up to 25 hours a week during holidays
  • They can not work for more than two hours on a Sunday
  • They can not work before 07:00 or after 19:00 on any day

For 15 and 16 year olds’ jobs:

  • They are allowed to work for up to eight hours, for 35 hours a week
  • They can not work for more than two hours on a Sunday


for the US have a look here


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    can i get a job for a paper round im 14 and i need a lil cash

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