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Those views of the apprentice lot making £1,000’s in a couple of days making you jealous?


Whether you are after student summer jobs or perhaps a more permanent job for students, our site should help you out.

Here’s a few ideas to get the piggy bank rolling;


Bar work & hospitality help

There are plenty of bars around and they have a quick turn around of staff so short term placements are very often available.

Apply through catering companies to work at events, horse racing, football matches and more.. Pay may often be minimum wage but don’t forget the tips. Behind a bar you might get to keep the change, working around the bar you might get a little more if you become involved with the customers but the bulls eye is in the hospitality. There is the top of the people in this country on a day out usually having their expenses paid for them, they don’t care splashing out a little.


Washing up

Often a good job if you’ve only got an hour or so after studying. The upside of this being that it is often in the afternoon and evening which for many can be a good time.



The upside of retail jobs really being the discounts for most. If you can find a flexible employer this is good but be wary of their requirements with regards to days per week working and what happens in the holidays.


Have a look at a selection of the jobs we have listed aimed at teenagers and at students.



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