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Many people ask what a good job for them is so we felt that it would be a good idea to post our opinions. The only problem however is that it is very much dependant on the person. But we will do our best to give you inside knowledge that will hopefully give you an idea.


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Baby sitting

Sounds pretty harmless right? Well it’s allright if you have a heavily sedated child or a work indulged 7 year old but I’m not sure how many of those there are. It can be a fairly good job with good pay for  sitting on a sofa watching TV.

TIP: Don’t take jobs where very young children are involved (nappy changing, and bathing a stranger is not pleasant)

Average pay: You should get payed around £5 per hour and it will usually last 4 hours, so £20 but remember that you’re not exactly doing much to earn that!

Working in a restaurant / cafe

Sit in a restaurant and watch the waiters then you’ll get an idea as to what it is like. It is often stressful but if you are a waiter or waitress then so long as you interact with the customers then it shouldn’t be too bad (and you’ll get some pretty chunky tips.) Washing dishes is probably the most dull job but money is money!

TIP: Don’t be rude to the customers and write down their orders. No tips on how to wash dishes just use a bit of fairy liquid 😉

Average pay: Often the restaurants will pay you different prices depending on your age e.g £3.50 for 16 year olds, £4.50 for 17 year olds and £5.50+ if you’re above the age of 18. But don’t let that put you off as there are usually nice tips £5 ish per table and you will serve several tables in a night. Just not if you work behind the scenes.

Promotions / commissions

Not good if you’re lazy but if you are hard working and really want some good pay then promoting is a good option. If you are selling tickets you will often be payed £3+ per ticket and often freebies worth higher value. This means that you only need to sell 10 tickets and you’ve got £30 and maybe another free ticket worth £25 so that’s a fairly easy £55. The basis of being payed on a commission works in favour of both you and the employer. Also you will probably be given the job no matter what. There are companies that have teenage promoters. 14, 15,16 year olds can promote for Capital VIP, 16, 17, 18 year olds can promote for let’s go crazy, under the radar, mashed up etc. and there are countless student promotions. Just contact whoever puts the event on.

TIP: Use facebook to its limits creating groups, events, pages, posting images, status’ and links.

Average pay: roughly 20% although if it is not events promotions it will often be less.


It’s a lot of peoples dreams to be a model, so getting payed to do it isn’t exactly work to many. It is however tiresome (I’m told) long days of lots of work looking beautiful. Teenage models are not desperately sought after but anybody from the age of 16 upwards should be good. there’s a general minimum of 5’8″ although many agency’s require higher. There’s basicly two categories; you’re either a child model or and adult model. You can apply to many of their websites but do be wary as you don’t really have a clue who’s on the other end. Oh and get your parents consent. Students especially fashion students have a good chance.

TIP: Don’t edit the photos you send them as this will lower your chances of being selected as it limits your looks, they look for potential!

Average Pay: The average pay for modelling really varies it could be anywhere from £50, £200 or a couple of thousand but it all depends on who you are working for

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