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A guide to work experience for teenagers and students

Work experience or internships are a vital element to getting into your university of choice and gaining an insight into your future career. Nowadays everybody’s got a bunch of A*’s but it’s the extra curricular activites relevant to your course and a show of interest in the subject that will attract attention.

You should really try to get at least one placement and these jobs can be extremely insightful and full of fun. If you get it right.

The guide below is aimed at people who wish to go to university. If you want to work in a shop or cafe etc. then this may not be necessary and you may wish to just browse our Work experience & internships catagory


  • Work at your favourite shop simply because you have to do work experience
  • Work for your parents. You will be treated differently and you will not get a genuine insight.
  • Be stubborn about only working at large companies, this often results in performing manual tasks such as photocopying & making tea.
  • Be overly inclined to stick to manual labour. Sure it’s an easy option but there’s nothing much there to learn.
  • Leave it down to your school because they can only do so much and they don’t know you properly.


  • Try out a number of different jobs in different areas to see if you actually prefer something else.
  • Get involved and speak out. You need to make a mark for yourself and then maybe your employer will write a good report for you.
  • Keep a record of what you do.

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